Meet the Team

From new grads to seasoned physicians, we’re proud of our dynamic team in Cornwall Community Hospital’s Emergency Department. We look forward to welcoming you when your FM-EM residency begins in July, 2020.

Meet our 2019-2020 Residents

To kick off the launch of the Queens-Cornwall FM-EM partnership, the Cornwall Community Hospital Foundation matched by Cornwall Community Hospital, provided funding for two residents to begin training in July 2019. Their return-of-service contracts are now signed and their 2-year working commitment at CCH begins once FM-EM training is complete. We look forward to recruiting one new resident for 2020, followed by 2021.     

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“We’re so excited about the opportunity that the Queens University/Cornwall CCFP-EM program has provided us. We believe the experience will be invaluable and we will be much better equipped Emergency Medicine Doctors because of it!”

Please scroll down to learn more about the CCH experience from a few of the doctors who call our Emergency Department home. And to learn more about what life in Cornwall has to offer, please click here.

Dr. Carina Antczak

IMG_8202“As a newly graduated Emergency Physician, I can’t think of a better place to begin my career than the CCH. I am supported by a great ER team who is committed to continuously improving patient care. Also, the volume and acuity of cases has allowed me to continuously advance my knowledge and skills. Finally, I am surrounded by great EM colleagues and specialty consultants whose teaching and support has been invaluable.”

Dr. Marc-Andre Ghali

IMG_8188“I started working at CCH in July 2017 following my year of Added Competence in Emergency Medicine. In my opinion, CCH is the perfect working environment for a young doctor like me. Being exposed to all fields of emergency medicine in a busy facility allows me to keep improving while being supported by excellent colleagues, consultants and health care professionals.”

Dr. Alfonso Burga

burga“I came to Cornwall Community Hospital to do my Return to Service and I decided to stay after my contract was over. It has been over six years now since I started. I love working at CCH because I know that when I’m here, I’m part of a team.  I know that I can count on them when I need them and that they truly care about their community.”

Dr. Celine Lemire

Dr. Lemire Photo“I graduated in 2008, but my career eventually took me in a direction away from emergency medicine. By the time I came to Cornwall as a hospitalist in 2012, I had little desire to work in the ED again. But after 18 months at CCH I fell in love with the people in our ED with their skill and camaraderie, and I wanted to be a part of that. I have been a full-time ER physician at CCH for almost 4 years now. I feel so fortunate to have found a place where I truly belong, with a varied, exciting practice amongst excellent and admirable colleagues and friends, in a hospital where my voice and opinions matter.”

Dr. Jacqueline van Hees

dr.vanhees“I came to work in Cornwall on a 2 year commitment …and have stayed for over 27 years; that alone speaks volumes. But, to deconstruct the ‘Why’: The wonderful balance of ying and yang between amazing opportunities to grow – and to challenge my medical knowledge and skills – as well as the counter balance of a multi-disciplinary healthcare team, who is like my extended family. Because I grew up in a small town in Southern Ontario, working in Cornwall has allowed me to give back to a ‘familiar’ community and the incredible opportunity of being Canadian ER MD.”




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